Robert Cordisco is an accomplished, self-taught, contemporary sculptor with an extensive background in the construction field. All of his work is personally conceived, designed, fabricated and finished. He has completed and installed numerous works for private and public commissions. Robert has an inherent eye for balance and structure. His finished pieces dance their own dance, moving and flowing within their own rhythm.

I utilize aluminum, steel, or stainless steel and some touches of bronze. Each piece begins with a working drawing that is transferred to the metal. The material is laid out and cut either by a saw or a plasma torch. The individual pieces of the puzzle are then assembled by arc welding. Next the piece is ground and sanded to a fine finish with power and hand tools. Finally the piece is sprayed with an automotive clear coat for a natural finish, automotive acrylic enamels for color, or a brushed patina. The materials and finishes I employ have proven their longevity over the years, requiring little to no maintenance in either an interior or exterior setting.

Inspired by a naturally artistic environment and enlightened by intuitive creativity, imagination exposes a broad gamut to life. The intensity of the human spirit and in contrast the whimsical side to the nature of things is a valuable resource. Art provides a positive escape, not just for the artist, but also for the viewer, creating a personal connection or interaction.

I feel my work reflects an inherent diversity of the human spirit and it incites this spirit to another level. Each piece begins with an innate thought, emotion and or experience, allowing for visual expression of individual insight that elicits ones perception. Sculpture, as a third dimension, takes one to another level of cognition through form, space, movement, light and shadow creating a parallax through various points of view.